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Lil Pump Really Went to Harvard?

     Gucci Gang rapper Lil Pump frequently claims on his Instagram that he attended Harvard University.  He's posted pictures in front of Harvard's grand entrance, wearing a Harvard Science lab coat, and claiming to have "dropped out of Harvard to save the rap game."  And if you're here, you probably also care about whether or not he's talking shit, like I was.  

     Lil Pump couldn't look appear less like a Harvard Student.  He's vulger, unrefined, druggy, and overall the type of person who'd be more likely to get kicked out of a 9th grade class for shooting spitballs than a former attendee of America's top post secondary school.  If a rapper like Logic or J Cole made a similar claim, we would hardly give it a passing doubt.  But Lil Pump? Is this a joke?  However, there's no denying that Lil Pump's quick rise to fame was largely due to his infectious persona, which is so hilariously unapologetic that it almost seems like a mastermind branding stunt.  Could it be that Lil Pump is actually a genius who disguises himself as a fool for his own career success?

     Born in 2000, Lil Pump was 17 years old when he began making Harvard attendance claims, at which age most individuals are still in grade 11 or 12.  Therefore, Lil Pump would have had to skip at least a year to be eligible for Harvard, meaning not only was he smart enough to get in the school, but also to do it at an advanced rate.  

     There is no evidence anywhere that Lil Pump really went to Harvard, so all odds seem stacked against him.  That being said, it is a pretty funny joke, and while Lil Pump probably never had or will have the school smarts to launch him to post secondary prestige, his calculated flair and unique style indicate that he's smarter than you'd think at first glance.  If he ever proves to be a reincarnated Einstein who just really like's doing drugs and repeating the same phrases 10000 times, I'll have his back, and be the first to let you know.  Esketit!!!