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Who's the Best Migos?

Since NWA and Wu-Tang Clan, some of the most popular hip hop artists have been group members.  Normally, one or two members stand out among the group as the most talented and/or charismatic, however, and end up going solo after reaching stardom.  Migos seems to be an exception, with each group member contributing and complimenting to the music of the group in an indisposible way.  However, given the recent popularity of the group, increased scrutiny has begged the question in the past months, who's the best of the trio?  Therefore, we broke down each of the members before coming to a decision.


Quavo is the most popular Migos, largely because he is the most outspoken and often directs their music videos and other media stunts.  Furthermore, he is the most unique member of the group vocally, because while Takeoff and Offset use a similar rap flow, Quavo's sound is much more autotuned and singly, which makes for extremely catchy hooks.  His lyrics and flow are nothing to speak of, but like Travis Scott and Future, his appeal isn't in these categories, but rather in his distinct fluidity which grows on listeners.


Offset's aggressive flow and lyrics, combined with his stints of prison time, make him the bad ass of the group most suited to the club bangers that Migos fans want.  His enchanting delivery rises to the occasion on their biggest hits like "Bad and Boujee".  His ad libs and energy are contagious and often bridge transitions between the other two members.  While there is no category in which he strongly outshines the other two, he is probably the most essential glue of the group with arguably the least weaknesses.


Takeoff's impulsive brags give him a raw feel which is highly attractive.  He is the least active member of the group, with minimal solo activity.  However, his syllable control is unrivaled and defines the Migos "mumble rapping" appeal.  Similar to Offset, his voice is thicker and fuller, which can make it harder to understand but also more memorable.  His lyrics and delivery are the most creative of the group, and unlike the other two members, continue to improve with nearly every project, indicating he has the most potential.


It largely comes down to preference, but Offset is the bridge between the styles of Quavo and Takeoff.  He has consistently shown the ability to steal the show.  Therefore, while Quavo might be more attractive and Takeoff more talented, as an overall artists, I would give the crown to Offset at this point in time.